Our Guarantees

Apart from all of your usual statutory rights, we wanted to make you really happy to deal with us and came up with a couple of guarantees we thought you’d like:

  1. If you’re not happy with how clean we get your garment, please bring it back to us within 48 hours and we’ll have another go for free. We’ll also proritise it so you get it back without delay. Sometimes, however, the dirt just isn’t going to shift. Our senior cleaners might advise that it’s the best possible result and you should wear the other thing to the party. Y’know, the dress with the spots that makes you look really pretty, or whatever…
  2. Nobody likes having to wait, do they? When you drop off your stuff, we’ll agree a day and time for it to be ready. If it’s not ready as arranged, we’ll say sorry and pop a £5 voucher in your hand so your next clean is a bit cheaper. Occasionally we might have to contact you to discuss problems with your garment and to get your OK to put more work into it or reclean – in those cases, the agreed “ready time” will be adjusted. Of course, if it’s not ready at the new time, you still get the voucher.
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